The Skandi Hav is an offshore supply vessel, originally purposed for the rigours of the North Sea. Recently, it was refurbished for an even more challenging task, supporting offshore platforms on the Brazilian coast. The refurbishment included the ship’s transformation as a straightforward supply vessel to the equivalent of a small working city, accommodating a variety of onboard disciplines with varying HVAC needs.


The Fläkt Marine challenge was to ensure the coordination of all HVAC elements with the ongoing refurbishment in other areas, ensuring better cost and work efficiencies and minimising delays while still ensuring a first class marine HVAC system. Working closely with other contractors, we took responsibility for the piping, ducts, and even some of the wiring work, in addition to delivering and installing two new cooling units, pumps, heat exchangers and much more. The coordinated work resulted in few delays to the Skandi Hav’s refurbishment – the ship is now an integral part of Brazilian offshore production.