Fläkt Marine AB is an HVAC system supplier for marine operations. We can with many years of experience provide everything concerning your HVAC-system onboard!

We are specialized in marine air conditioning, mechanical ventilation systems and refrigeration system. We at Fläkt Marine AB was established by ex. engineers from the old ABB Fläkt Marine AB and officially registered in April 2004 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The company is specialized in Marine Air Conditioning, Mechanical Ventilation Systems and Refrigeration systems and has year by year increased its activities. Since 2007 has Fläkt Marine AB matured sufficiently to be able to have all the capacity necessary to offer the world marine markets –  Heating-, Ventilation-, Air Conditioning- and Refrigeration-systems. Fläkt Marine AB also manages complete turn-key installations for new buildings and conversions i.e. from Mega yachts above 60 m and all other kind of vessels including Ro-Pax, Ro-Ro and further up to mid-size Cruise ships.

Furthermore, we are also well prepared and technically advanced to act in the offshore industry by offering HVAC, Mechanical ventilation and Refrigeration systems for production platforms, drilling rigs and any other kind of offshore units built and used by the offshore industry until today.

Fläkt Marine AB is working in close co-operation with most of the well-known manufacturer in Sweden and elsewhere in the world for marine and offshore equipment and material, so Fläkt Marine AB is free and independent to use any other well-known high-quality equipment and material manufacturer if so required by the client.

We have established a strong network of support companies on project basis concerning execution of drawings and personal for installation except for key HVAC engineers and designers, supervisors, start-up and commissioning engineers which are all our own in-house personal.

Our staff as well as the personal employed by sub vendors pertaining to the network that we, during years, have built up does all have a long and broad experience within the field of marine air condition, ventilation and refrigeration which enable us  to offer a broad range of services such as but not limited to:

  • Equipment and material delivery
  • Technical reviews
  • Technical evaluations
  • Engineering (Calculations, Basic design, One-line drawings and Co-ordination and Installation drawings mostly in AutoCad format but another format are also available).
  • Service (Repairs and Refurbishments)
  • Maintenance
  • Complete turn-key solution and installations
  • Spare parts
  • Starters and Automation systems
  • PTI (Preventive Technical Inspection)