Modern cruise lines ¬understand the importance of pulling out all the stops for their customers. Even if it means installing a stadium-size viewing screen on the top deck by the outdoor pool. The Coral Princess was the first Princess Cruises ship to go ahead with the supersized outdoor screens. And when it became obvious a screen operating 20 hours a day would need a novel approach to cooling, they chose Fläkt Marine.


Large outdoor screens require very precise air cooled ¬circulation to maintain stable -operating ¬temperatures. The limited space availability on a ¬cruise ship deck also requires an innovative approach to ensure the solution is both space-saving and virtually problem-free. Fläkt -Marine developed a unique cooling system, designing, planning, organising customised materials, delivering and arranging installation during one of the Coral’s scheduled docking periods. The system is considered a success, and since the Coral, the system has been used for large outdoor screens on five other premium cruise ships.