The Fjell was originally built as a 25,000t barge. But like its sister ship, the Fjord, it was destined for bigger and better things. Fairstar converted the Fjell to a semi-submersible heavy transport for floating and non-floating cargo used by the gas and oil industries, among others. The -conversion included additional accommodation, a navigation bridge, generator sets for powering ballasting system and auxiliary systems, bow thruster to increase manoeuvrability, a new bow with a bulbous section, and quite a bit more. Including, naturally, an HVAC system that could support the special needs of a ship being submerged up to 90 metres.


The implications to HVAC of a submersible heavy transport can offer quite the challenge, and require extensive understanding of the pressures involved and air duct space requirements, among many other considerations. The Fläkt Marine team planned, designed, delivered and installed the entire Fjell HVAC system, earning a reputation for what project leaders termed ”…the leading ¬performer in enthusiasm and efficiency.” In 2009, the Fjell transported and launched its first ¬contract, a chemical product tanker. Since then, the Fjell has continually provided heayy transport services at ports around the world.